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Re: Patents, Copyrights, Maril

I have no idea what maril is, but I know a little
about Intellectual Property - first of all there are
different kinds of patents - the one you are talking
about may be a "design" patent?  Also, there are
copyright laws, which tend to apply to most artists.

Not knowing if maril is a technique or a product, it
is difficult for me to discuss.  However, all artists
are protected under Copyright law whether or not they
have obtained a copyright - you do not even have to
put a circle "c" on your work anymore to gain
copyright protection.

If you do want to patent something, the first step is
to do research - to find out from the Patent and
Trademark Office, by a subject search, if your idea
has already been filed.

As for prosecuting patents and/or making money from
them - difficult, as others have said.

If anyone is interested, I would like people's
thoughts on whether or not they check "copyrights" of
writers works, for example, when they are making their
artist's books.  This is something I'm always curious

If, for example, the estate of a poet finds out that
you have used text I assume a lawyers letter goes out
asking you to stop production.  If you have already
produced an edition, I doubt there would be monetary
demands made on the artist.  I imagine most artist's
do not give it much thought, unless their works are
mass distributed.


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