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Re: Maril -> patents...

I guess I spoke too soon, not being aware of the history of this issue.

I certainly agree with Peter V. -

"Remember, everything we do is derived from
something though, somewhere..."

Bookarts (and especially work like Philip's) is a visual art form and
not an industrial process. I have difficulty accepting that one person
can claim ownership of any particular approach in any meaningful way.
Any profit accrued from using something like maril would actually stem
from how it is used artistically and not from the technique per se.

We all move forward together, even those who are the most innovative.
Patents are essentially about money or ego. I have no problem granting
credit where it is due and Philip's work is more than significant in the
field, but I don't think claiming territory as a private domain is

I have to think of someone like Keith Smith and the wealth of
information he has assembled on book structures. He has spent a great
deal of energy on this and is passing it on to others to build with.
What he has brought together in terms of structures also comes from
quite a few expert binders whom he acknowledges. The books are the
result of his experimentation and also a lot of sharing. I think of
people like Gary Frost and Betsy Eldridge Palmer.

Those of us who are teachers know only too well what this is about. You
can't teach by withholding information.

Peter Sramek
Book°Sequence Gallery

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