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Maril aftermath

As Richard says:
 "The idea of patenting
an art method suitable only to high-craft handwork is curious."

"Curiouser, and curiouser," said Alice. Lewis Carroll

Continuing thanks for the thoughtful replies to this and other questions.
Attribution is not only civil, it is a pleasure. Being limited in the use of
a technique within the art field feels akin to tyranny at a certain level.
Agreed, Maril is a very special look and unsuitable to many bindings.
However, like Roberta, it would be restricting to think that a solution
found on one's own might be subject to court harassment.

You see, I've been collecting the shavings from pared leather and "creating"
pictures with them. Perhaps many of you have already done this. But from my
new "den" of craft - and limited exposure - it feels, (is ?) a new technique
- but moving close to the Maril arena.

Clearly, the work I am doing at this stage is personal. Techniques are being
practiced. ...just interested in all aspects of book arts!


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