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re article: What to Expect from Art

<html><DIV>That article&nbsp;Peter V. shared from Chronicle of Higher Education struck a key that is depressing, but I find&nbsp;Arthur C. Danto's book, <U>After the End of Art</U>, gives some not-so-depressing insights into&nbsp;(Marshall's?)&nbsp;lament that what art is&nbsp;rests on "shifting ideas and relationships."&nbsp; Of course it rests on shifting ideas.&nbsp;&nbsp;Mr. Danto states, "The unimaginability of future art is one of the limits which holds us locked in our own periods."</DIV>
<DIV>Danto's book is philosophy of art history &amp; principles of art criticism; he says, "I am anxious to identify what critical principles there can be when there are no narratives, and where, in a qualified sense, anything goes."&nbsp; </DIV>
<DIV>It is rather scary to&nbsp;think of a painting as something "measurable, knowable," as Marshall says,&nbsp; or to "codify" what creates great works.&nbsp; I think the drive to "create compelling paintings," or to get your stuff up on the wall with the best of them, might crowd out the need and determination to say whatever you have to say, or to express meaning.&nbsp; Interestingly, Mr. Danto puts forth the question whether painting is any longer "the favored form for artisitic expression...The end of art means <EM>some </EM>kind of demotion of painting."&nbsp; Artists seem to find the vehicle they need to express their particular truth.&nbsp; Hence Artists Books!</DIV>
<DIV>Patricia Sterritt</DIV>
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