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Re: What to Expect from Art

In a message dated 3/8/01 5:16:34 AM, verheyen@PHILOBIBLON.COM writes:

<< So, how does one fight against it?

Move the the midwest, where the local papers don't review local art and the
"collectors" buy what the New York galleries say they should and the local
museums don't have a "local artist" collection. have studio sales and invite
everyone you know or have met under any circumstances. Wait for them to start
asking you what your work is about. Keep working. Go outside a lot and then
come back inside and work some more. After a while, whatever is going on in
the "art world" somewhere back East won't matter. All that will matter is
that some people like your work enough to come back to see what you are doing
now and that something in your work and the environment in which you create
allows you to keep growing. Barbara Harman

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