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Re: What to Expect from Art

In a message dated 3/8/01 5:16:34 AM, verheyen@PHILOBIBLON.COM wrote:

>So, how does one fight against it?

Well, things like this list are a part, I suspect:
connecting with one another, thinking and talking about what is important in
defining value, giving attention and appreciation to everyone who has
something to express, answering one another's questions, making room for
beginners while acknowledging experience.  Making a community that develops
some self-definition and, as part of that definition, includes recognizing
good work for its own sake, and not just "market value".

If artists themselves keep paying attention to good work done by others--and
not just already-recognized others--maybe that can help train the eyes of
those outside the field to look further than the Small Circle of the Big
Names.  (not that those names haven't done good work, just that they're not
the only ones...)

a thought,
Suzanne Denker
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