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What to Expect from Art

I already opened this can of worms on the letpress list, so if anyone saw
it there, you can stop reading now.  I think MFA programs should be
disbanded, or at least made to account for what they are doing, which is,
it seems, churning out more and more mediocre artists.  Mediocre artists
with large amounts of debt.  And directly out of school, these artists are
attempting to get teaching jobs at colleges and universities.  They will
teach other students what they've learned, which isn't much, and they won't
be very good at teaching what they've learned, because graduate school may
be good for something, but it does not prepare one to become a teacher. And
the cycle continues.

I think there should be some way to disrupt this system by working outside
of it.  Older, more experienced, practicing artists should take in younger
artists as assistants/apprentices.  In that way, the assistant/apprentice
will gain technical knowledge as well as have a mentor.  I believe that
neither of these things are being offered at graduate schools today. (Could
you guess that I just got out?)

Or maybe there is another solution?

If this system is turned on its head, maybe the quality of art will improve.

The art world should broaden its base as well.  It is a tight little circle
where many of the artists are seeing the same shows, then making work that
is necessarily influenced by those shows. The critics are all living in
that circle as well, and so write about the same things.  And that info
gets disseminated to a larger audience and is taken for "what is going on
in art today."  Let's not talk about the same people showing at the same
galleries, let's talk about all of the strange/good things we see when we
are driving on some back road, or going to some tiny, small town museum
where paint is flaking off the walls, but we see a great painting by
someone we've never heard of.

Amy Borezo

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