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What to Expect from Art

amy d. borezo wrote:

>I think MFA programs should be
>disbanded, or at least made to account for what they are doing

I had an apprentice once with an MFA who had never been to New York City. You can actually
get an MFA without ever having been to a museum. Slides are considered the same as art.
It's important to create something that looks good in 4-color process on a magazine page,
or as a jpeg.

> Older, more experienced, practicing artists should take in younger
>artists as assistants/apprentices.

In our field this is common practice. At the first National Conference on Apprenticeship
in Art and Craft, which was organized by Gerry Williams, we created The National Council
on Apprenticeship in Art and Craft, and produced a book in 1981, Apprenticeship in Craft
edited by Gerry Williams.




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