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Re: What to Expect from Art

--- "amy d. borezo" <apborezo@MINDSPRING.COM> wrote:
> I think MFA programs should be
> disbanded, or at least made to account for what they
> are doing, which is, it seems, churning out more and
more mediocre artists.

Amy, you certainly sound bitter or depressed, or both.
 Sorry to hear it.

I think we all have to know why we go to Graduate
school.  There are alternatives and also ways to meet
goals outside of the system you talk about.  How about
curating your own shows and exhibiting in non
conventional spaces?  I did it - there are many venues
in and outside of large cities.

It sounds like your expectations were not real.  I was
always told that not just in art, but in many
disciplines, you find "one" teacher to study with
(mentor with) in grad school.  If you don't have that,
you are in the wrong place.

Personally, I went through two graduate programs.  I
knew why and what my goals were.  The first one was
most disappointing, but I did get teaching experience
out of it.  In the next, I did honest, intimate work,
developed a highly critical eye and high aestetic,
took seminars about cultural critique, and the artwork
and my writing developed conceptually and
artistically.  I was lucky to have had two wonderful

I don't know what your discipline is, but there are
programs in NY and NJ for artists who are seeking all
that Grad school doesn't teach you - The Bronx Museum
of the Arts, Artist in the Marketplace is wonderful
for info and demystification of the artworld.  Aljir
in NJ modeled it's program on the Bronx one.  Also,
you can find or start and artist's group.  Mine meets
monthly and has been in existance for about six years.
 It remains a vital support system.

Perhaps you should begin by staying away from
galleries and art magazines and those "mediocre"

Good luck and keep the faith - Remember why you make

Best, Mindy

mindy belloff  ~  mabell                                        http://www.IntimaPress.com

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