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Re: What to Expect from Art

--- Michael Brady <jbrady@EMAIL.UNC.EDU> wrote:
> With permission, I am sending this message to the
> ArtCrit list,
- Hi Michael, can you say more about what list this

>Breeding too close in the bloodline produces
dimwitted children with six fingers.
- Thanks for the laugh.

> Of all the artists we know about in the last
> half-century, who of them holds an
> MFA degrree? Johns? Nope, he left Univ South
> Carolina without even a bachelor's
> degree. Rauschenberg? Nope, he went to Black
> Mountain College, an alternative
> college. Fischl and Salle? Yup, straight from
> CalArts [I think] to SoHo.
- Did you notice that you mention all Male artists? Or
is this the subject of another thread??  Most of the
students I studied with in school were women and
almost all of the students I teach are women.  We have
always had to find other ways of going about getting
an audience for our work.  I imagine this is part of
the frustration for many of us.

Happy Women's History Month,

mindy belloff  ~  mabell                                        http://www.IntimaPress.com

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