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Re: What Is Art

    Last week I gave a lecture on my life in journals at the San Antonio
Calligraphy Guild. Everyone who kept a journal, of whatever sort --
brought theirs and I brought several of mine. Before the lecture we all
had time to walk around and look into these books and they were amazing!
Lots of art techniques, calligraphy, book structures. Many of these
people have BAs and some MFAs. Although only some of these people
exhibit -- on that 'well-polished mid-level' -- they all keep these
books. Could be they're all in hiding from the Darwinian art world, but
they're still doing art and, to me, too, that's what's important.
    As for teachers being separated from their students only by
showmanship and charisma, well, that's perfectly ok. The old adage
"Those who can, do; those who can't, teach.." should have the words "and
inspire..." added after the word teach.
-- w   e   n  d   y     h   a   l   e      d   a   v   i   s
 w o r l d b r i d g e r @ e a r t h l i n k . n e t
    --infinite gratitude for the past
        infinite service in the present
            infinite responsibility for the future--

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