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What To Expect From Art

To the list,
Thank you all for the stimulating conversation.  And I would like to
respond to some of the comments that were made.  I'll address the personal
remarks first. Yes, I am angry, I don't think bitter is the right word.
Contrary to the way we hold public debates these days, I think we need to
be angry a bit more often.  My response to the Kerry James Marshall posting
was intended to be a call-to-arms in the best spirit possible.  I was using
my own experience as a jumping off point because that is all we can do,
speak from our own experience.

That said, my original position is unchanged.  It would be absurd of me not
to say that there are ways to work outside the system already in place,
that there are good MFA programs and bad MFA programs,  that there are
plenty of places to show, and that we all need to make our own way in the
(art) world.  But I think this type of dilution is exactly the problem.  We
are increasingly conciliatory about what we say/think/feel, to our

Has anyone read a critical review in an art magazine lately?

I think Michael strikes on something when he replaces "mediocre" with
"polished mid-level"  artists.  I have a strong desire to agree with you.
To say, yes, mediocre is a bit much, isn't it?  A bit harsh, hey?  It seems
as though, in conjuction with the growing inflation of grades in most
schools around the country, there is a growing inflation in what we
consider to be good art.  It is as though mediocre, or average, is a bad
word.  Let's embrace mediocrity.  I'll be the first to admit I have made
some mediocre paintings, some mediocre prints, some mediocre books.  I've
also made some BAD paintings, etc.  Let's be honest.  Because only when we
admit to this fact can we improve and be better artists. Only then can we
aspire to be on the wall next to the best.


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