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Maril in CONTEXT

If I say I am new to this list once more, you may throw me off. However, I
had no idea the amount of conversation my innocent question about Maril
would produce. The latest quoted words of Dorothy W. Smith are compelling.
While the idea of patents within the technical aspects of craft continues, I
am delighted to learn the background of Philip Smith's request for patents.
Thank you.

And if I may make a leap to the "Amy" discussion, which I find enlightening
and enjoyable, it benefits from context. The elephant perceived by the blind
men, if you will.

I'm an old horse. A horse of the 60's. When we hire for our firm, we find
the majority of the current generation disciplined by "choice," "short
attention span" induced in part by the internet/remotes/options,
intelligent, eager, "a sense of entitlement," and overall guided by their
needs instead of the needs of the "group" - "client" - "bigger picture." In
some ways, it is reminiscent of the freedom days of the 60's, the beginning
of ferment for change. I do not see this as bad. I see it as something to be
understood and worked with for the benefit of our evolving society.

To this end, I offer a book by Andrei Cherny, The NeXt Deal. No, it is not a
book about the arts. It is a book I found helpful in trying to understand
the best and brightest of the current generation.


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