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Hello all

Hello all,

I just joined the listserv, and wanted to introduce myself and say that
it is nice to see such an active group.

I have spent the last several years developing online courses for the
University of Wisconsin system, and recently decided to move back into
teaching (I taught Computer art courses at UW-Madison for a year in
98/99), in order to give myself more time for my art.

I received a MFA from UW-Madison where my final concentration was in
Computer Mediated Art (having taken the scenic route through school, I
picked upquite a few printing classes and took multiple courses from
Walter Hamady-who taught Artist's Books and Letterpress, and is a noted
book artist). I have also made note of the recent discussion on MFA's...

Recently, I have been doing very little in the way of art (some
watercolor) let alone book arts, but since I am teaching a printing
class currently at UW-Platteville in the Communication Technology
department (where I also teach DPT, & Multimedia) I decided I needed to
revisit one of my loves so long ago set aside.

BTW, I (like a million people) am looking for a Vandercook SP 15 or 20,
but if someone could recommend a good hand table top press, that may be
the way to go for now.


Jean Haefner, M.F.A.
Adjunct Professor
haefnerj@uwplatt.edu <mailto:haefnerj@uwplatt.edu>

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