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Re: Ex Libris

>I am looking for someone to translate a drawing for an ex libris into a wood
>engraving and then print up book plates from it.  I am located in SE...
>Georgia if it matters; but suspect it can all be done via mail anyway.  Off
>line replies will be OK.

You might want to look into the possibilities of a photopolymer plate - I
am at Brown and we just recently acquired a machine for it. If you aren't
familiar with the process, it boils down to the ability to make a
letterpress-useable plate from any computer-printed transfer. The
line-reproduction quality is very fine, and once you have the plate, you
can print as many as you like (provided no bits of it break off after a
while). So you could scan the ex libris in on a high quality scanner (or a
photo of it) and then go from there. I'm told that the machine will even
work with halftone.

good luck,

Kate Erb

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