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Re: other special papers for the Epson?

> Some of my students have used Caslon (sp?) for artist's books (I've use=
d common card stock, and that prints all right, though not as sharp as wi=
th ink jet paper). They also had lower end printers ($150) and weren't ve=
ry concerned about the possibility of damaging the printer. As long as yo=
u don't have a printer that uses a heat drying system you can try a varie=
ty of papers if you don't mind the risk.  The caveat is that you don't wa=
nt to use a paper that will leave a residue or debris -you don't want to =
damage your print head (often the printers manual will suggest that you c=
an use nonstandard paper). Since ink jet paper is coated to maintain the =
crispness of the ink dots it's laying down... and therefore the image qua=
lity, you may find that some of the things you print look fuzzier on some=
 papers.  If you are interested in archival quality books, I would find o=
ut more about the inks in your printer.

Jean Haefner, MFA
Adjunct Professor
Communication Technology
(608) 342-1180

>> The tip I read here about using matte fixative to reduce feathering on=

>> vellum w/ the Epson printer REALLY WORKS!
>> I'm still new at this: what other special papers beside vellum work o.=
>> on the Epson? All other helpful hints gratefully accepted.
>> And I just want to say how tremendously glad I am to lnow about this
>> list.
>> Susan Varon

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