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Re: publishers' bindings exhibition at Smith College

We hope to have selections from the exhibition on our website soon, but =
have no plans for a catalogue or checklist at this time.

Northampton is about 3 or 31/2 hours by car from NYC. There are buses (to =
Springfield, Mass., with a change of bus to Northampton), but I'm not sure =
how often they run or how long they take. There is also infrequent train =
service to Springfield, but you have to switch to a bus (the stations are =
very close to each other) to get to Northampton. Can't you talk a friend =
with a car into visiting the "Happy Valley"?

I'll let you know if we change our minds about a checklist.

Do let me know how you progress on Alice.


Mortimer Rare Book Room Assistant
Neilson Library
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063
Tel.: 413-585-2907    Fax: 413-585-4486
e-mail: bblument@smith.edu

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