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Lecture and Workshop

You are cordially invited for a=20
Lecture for the Society for Calligraphy
Fri. March 16, 2001
7:30 p.m.
Pasadena City College, Room R122
Pasadena, California
Fabrications: Genesis of Ideas for Scripps College Press Books
Kitty Maryatt

The will also be a=20
Four-day Workshop:
Fabrications: Developing your Calligraphic Artist's Book
Kitty Maryatt
March 17-18 and March 30, April 1, 2001

The workshop will focus on identifying text and images that you=20
are passionate about and showing you how to structure all that
information into book form. There will be exercises on collecting
and sifting through verbal and visual materials with a view to
selection of the best of the best, expanding where necessary,
developing a design scheme and producing a dummy. Various ways
to bind the materials will be explored, but the basic structure will
be to build the book in signatures. That building block will give you
the most options. We will work together the first weekend to learn
the basics, and produce your section for the collaborative book during
the intervening two weeks. The second weekend we will bind the
books and will refine ideas for your own artist's book.

Kitty Maryatt has been teaching bookmaking at Scripps College for=20
fifteen years. The students make collaborative books by letterpress,
printing editions of 65 copies for sale. She was thrown into this field
thirty years ago though her first love, calligraphy, which taught her
about type, so naturally she had to get letterpress equipment to print
and of course, learn to bind books. She owns Two Hands Press in
Woodland Hills, CA where she helps clients in their bookmaking needs.=20
She also teaches Book Structures at UCLA Extension in the Spring.

The workshop is limited to 22 participants. Enrollment is open to current
Society for Calligraphy members. No one registered in a workshop will
get a refund unless their place is  lled from the waiting list. If you must
cancel, please allow sufficient time so your place will be  lled. TO ENROLL:
Please send this registration form with: A check made out to SfC for $150
AND a Stamped Self-Addressed Business Size Envelope to Marieclaire Van Dam=20
Joseph, 18561 Brymer Street, Northridge, CA 91326-1960. After March 1,
please call Marieclaire to ensure space availability. To insure prompt maili=
of your supply list and con rmation, plan to have your check arrive no later
than two weeks before the workshop. Preference for one person will be given
for the  rst registration opened volunteering to write up this workshop.=20
Questions? Call Marieclaire at (818) 360-7600. NO audio or video recording
of any program, meeting, workshop, or other SfC function will be permitted=20
without the prior consent of both the guest artist and a representative of=20
the Board of Governors.

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