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Repeating messages

Received this from our listserv manager...

>The fact that the bottom banner appears twice suggests that the message was
>reflected back to listserv and/or was resent to the list. The header doesn't
>indicate how this happened, as far as I can tell. I have heard reports
>from other listserv sites with a similar problem, and those sites seem to have
>identified a roadrunner server in Houston TX as the culprit. Apparently the
>server failed and RR resent all the queued mail regardless of whether it had
>been sent previously or not. I don't see any reference to RR in your example,
>but I would guess something similar was happening. If it was simply a case
>of a
>server resending mail on a one-time basis, then the problem should not
>If the problem persists, then I would guess it is something else, such as a
>server somewhere that is improperly configured. There are many potential
>of failure on the Internet and attempting to track them down can be difficult
>and time-consuming. Unless you see this problem persisting, I suggest you
>let it pass.
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> >Hello,
> >I'm listowner for Book_Art-L and we've been noticing a resending of random
> >messages sometimes after days, in the instance of a message below, one sent
> >6 days ago. What is odd, is that the "bottom banner" I'm using also
> >appeared twice, though the message was sent only once. Others have reported
> >similar "quirks." Any clues as to why this is happening?
> >
> >Thank you for your help.
> >
> >Peter

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