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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 13 Mar 2001 to 14 Mar 2001 (#2001-70)

Whoa. I am usually a lurker on this list to learn and read, but this
one caught my attention and i had to share my sympathy in the
What a depressing state of affairs when Money determines the extent
of ones' rights! Had you been a rich individual, with $5000 to spare,
it would be easy to get results, but since you can't/won't shell out
the mula, the culprits get away with it. A sad commentary on Money,
Greed, and our societies obvious adulation of it.

>Date:    Wed, 14 Mar 2001 11:36:12 EST
>From:    Alice Simpson <Apeachw96@AOL.COM>
>Subject: Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 12 Mar 2001 to 13 Mar 2001 (#2001-69)
>In response to the discussion of patents and copyrights, it recently came to
>my attention that an author self-published thirty of my drawings in a second
>of a book without either asking my permission or paying for their use. The
>were registered with the Office of Copyright in Washington, DC.
>  My attorney notified them after all my attempts failed. There was absolutely
>no response, which seems common in my experience of late. By law I could
>$150,000. For intellectual property. Wouldn't that be wonderful? IF I could
>to retain an attorney to pursue this. Lawyers request a minimum $5000.00
>  It has been my experience that many clients know that it costs artists more
>$$$ than we can afford to keep the lawyers on their tails. I have had three
>such cases in recently and I just gave up...

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