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Re: artist's habits

Let's see: Car trips are right up there, in fact, nearly any travel wherein
large amounts of caffiene are consumed. The combination of autopilot-induced
boredom, scenic grandeur (or not) and wired nerves seems to be ideal. A new
love affair or other stimulating encounter with either libido or intellect;
long walks (in almost any weather); piggyback ideas, where you begin with one
problem and create both multiple solutions and additional problems (this
usually occurs, inconveniently, when I am trying to go to sleep). In other
words, any semi-manic-inducing situation or event.

The second level is, of course, actually beginning. To get myself in the mood
for this, I clean my studio, avoid my computer, sharpen my colored pencils
and turn on background noise (music or TV). Never fails to keep me up half
the night! Barbara Harman

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