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Sparking Creativity

Through many discussions with fellow artists we came to the conclusion that
to spark creativity and generate  new ideas surround oneself, literally,
with everything that yo feel is beautiful or awesome in your collection.
Place things  all over the walls, ahng from the ceiling,  place on
tabletops and shelves - your own and borrowed pictures, colors, photos,
books, papers, textured articles, maps, fabrics,sculpted figures,  turn on
your favorite music, etc. all of which become your museum of  wonders. It's
like having a feast put before you.  There are all these "things"  in
juxtaposition  - their given and subtle meanings teasing and glaring and
inter-reacting  as they feed your eyes, ears, sense of touch. Well, I could
go on into the wide blue  yonder.....but I think you get what I mean and I
wish I could be more eloquent.  It works.

BEST to all in their creative search

Lilias  -  at Saltwinds Yankee Barn Workshop

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