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Re: artist's habits

In looking at the various strategies employed by people, I cannot help but
think about some of Maria Montessori's observations of young children.
She noted that children typically need some free time between tasks and
have more trouble going from one formal task to another.  Many of the
strategies that have been suggested take this form of breaking the tempo
or having a chance to clear your mind:  naps, cleaning the studio, going
for a drive.

As for myself, I find that I am most creative in a group setting such as a
workshop.  Perhaps this has to do with the fact that I am removed from all
of my daily burdens or, maybe it has to do with the creative energy
expended by all.

Indeed, all of my efforts to understand my creativity (to the degree that
I am creative), have come to nought.  Ideas just seem to come out of
nowhere.  No struggle, no worry.  The foregoing applies to my art, now,
developing  ideas about the origin of creative thought is a totally
different issue.


R. H. Starr, Jr., Ph.D.
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