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Re: HELP!--info on kerning and leading quick, please

A comment from our graphics expert:
The concept is to equalize the amount of "white space' (referred to as
"negative space" by artists/designers) between each letter. This is a
judgement call, not a measurement.

The most problematic letters are those with diagonals, like W and A and Y.
A typical practice kerning assignment might be a word like WAVY or HAWAII.
Letters with verticals like I, actually need more space, not kerning.
Often, kerning requires that several letters in a word be adjusted to get
the "white space" to look even.

Typically, manually kerning is only required when the type is of "headline

Often, the quality or cost of your particular font determines how much
kerning it may require. Good quality, more expensive type foundries (like
Adobe) add more "kerning pairs" to their fonts. This "behind the scenes"
programming automatically adjusts the spacing between 2 specific letters
as they are typed.

from a typography teacher from a community college

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