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Re: PageMaker versus Quark -- who wins?

Hi Jim,

I've used Pagemaker for almost 20 years now. Your investment will not be
wasted, I don't think. Printers I've worked with in the last year are happy
with it, and you'll have all the support you need.

Traditionally, people have decided that Pagemaker is better for a long book,
with lots of chapters and ancillary material to keep track of, whereas Quark
is better suited for short pieces, such as brochures and flyers. Of course,
those distinctions are blurry.

Also, the newer versions of Pagemaker have most of the features of Quark
(I've heard), such as text boxes in addition to the all-important and
hard-to-learn text-flow feature. In fact, Pagemaker is very strong when it
comes to managing text, especially long, long pieces of it.

According to my friend at RR Donnelley, InDesign isn't very popular and many
people have stayed with Pagemaker. From my vantage, I'd say your investment
in time is sound.

Nancy Birnes


> OK -- I'm in Pagemaker class, and learning -- and happy -- and then I leave
> and talk to a friend in the buisness of publishing and she scoffs at
> Pagemaker -- laughs outloud! -- and says Pagemaker can't really manage text
> at all (not exact words) and says I'm wasting my time and to get Quark and
> forget about silly Pagemaker and move on with my life...
> So...while i'll continue with the class...when it comes to coughing up the
> bucks (and big bucks they), what do you think I should do?
> Jim Camp/syanesthesia press

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