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Re: PageMaker versus Quark -- who wins?

>These days I don't use any of the above, but find Microsoft Publisher
adequate to my

Here, here! Just as a typewriter can't teach you how to spell, page layout
software won't do anything for you if you haven't already studied the basics
of good typography, layout and design.

Unless you're needing to interface easily and often with commercial print
shops, most of whom use Quark, I'd say save your money. You probably already
have Publisher - it comes free with most Windows packages - and it will do
just about everything the other programs will, especially if you're dealing
with limited text for artist's books, printmaking, etc. If you got PageMaker
with the course you're taking, it should serve you fine as well.

You can sometimes find good deals on old text books on ebay that will give
you a good overview of letterspacing, wordspacing, choosing fonts, and basic
legibility. Even if your goal is to use grunge fonts and distressed looking
layout, you need to know the basics to go against them.

Best wishes,

Pendleton, Oregon

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