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PageMaker versus Quark -- who wins?

I use Publisher and PageMaker and have never used Quark.

I love Publisher and do 99% of my work in it because it's easy, quick and
does a great job for small things like flyers, brochures, artist books,
class handouts, etc. I've used it for years.

I use PageMaker, however, when I started doing longer publications that
needed to be printed by a professional or were text intensive. It's a great
program, just bulky. Whoever said that a typewriter won't teach you to type
and PageMaker won't teach you page layout was right on.

If all you're doing is simple or short stuff, use Publisher. If you are
doing this for a career, consider one of the big boys.

The PageMaker/Quark argument may be a lot like the Mac/Windows argument.

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