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Re: PageMaker versus Quark -- who wins?


> So...while i'll continue with the class...when it comes to coughing up the
> bucks (and big bucks they), what do you think I should do?
The quarrel between partisans for PageMaker and Quark is like the quarrel
between Chevrolet enthusiasts and Ford enthusiasts. Both make very good
cars, some of which are very sophiticated and all of which are better than
a Yugo or a Deux Cheveaux. They're both equally good, but one may have a
better CD player and the other a better air conditioner. Neither is a
Porsche or Ferrari, though. Ditto, PageMaker and Quark.

They are very good tools. The difference in them is in the skills of the
user and the quality of work you want to get out of them.

Michael Brady

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