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Re: HELP!--info on kerning and leading quick, please

>I guess, truth be known, I'm looking for a quick fix, not a semester of
>typography at the
>community college!

the quick fix is to open the tracking a whoooole lot. as in         H Y W I
T H      bad letter widths and kerning wont be as noticeable. Bad spacing
of letters in the font is most common problem with fonts today. Generally
they are too wide trying to fit the common denominators, such as programs
that don't read kerning pairs. which is the equivalent of the quick fix

>A comment from our graphics expert:
>Often, the quality or cost of your particular font determines how much
>kerning it may require. Good quality, more expensive type foundries (like
>Adobe) add more "kerning pairs" to their fonts. This "behind the scenes"
>programming automatically adjusts the spacing between 2 specific letters
>as they are typed.

If you have a font management program such as adobe ATM or suitcase, they
will report the number of kerning pairs in a font. Sorry, but the above
comment is just someone who bought into the tier 1 foundries' marketing.
Most Adobe and certainly all Monotype fonts have NO kerning pairs, and
letter spacing is generally very wide. This I know specificallly because
I've fixed a lot of fonts for clients before going into the business myself.

A well spaced font will require between 300-400 pairs. anything requiring
much more is badlly set up in the first place. When you add kerns for
accented characters the total will end up about 1,400 pairs. No American
company that I know of does this, but some smaller foundries like mine do.

Ignacio Franc=E9s

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