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Marbling books etc. on eBay


I've just listed a mere (8) books on eBay that have to do with MARBLING and
DECORATING PAPERS (plus an oddball on wallpaper preservation!).  Please
forgive any 'cross posting', as I have mentioned this on a couple of related

There are a couple of bare basic beginner how-to's, and some a little more
advanced, and a gorgeous (and pricey!) limited edition book of Maziarczyk's
paste papers, plus the aforementioned book on historic wallpaper preservation
(hey, wallpapers ARE decorative/patterned so it fits the overall 'category',

If you want to take a look, rather than do my usual cut-and-paste, here's an
easier suggestion. Just go to:

     then,  'click' on:                           "Smart Search"
     then, just type my Seller Name:      karenc5071@aol.com

eBay then will list all the books I currently have on auction.  (This method
works for searching for ANY of your favorite eBay Sellers, any time).  This
auction is for 7 days, and ends next Sunday afternoon, the 1st. of April.  I
have switched to 7-day auctions rather than 10-day auctions because my house
goes up for sale in two weeks (not on eBay - grin!) and I need to find good
new homes for many of my books and ephemera that I won't be taking with me.

If you have any questions, just ask.

thanks, Karen L. Crisalli

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