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Re: PageMaker versus Quark -- who wins?

I've only worked with PageMaker. Except for internal bugs (like it almost always
shuts down when I try to adjust tabs), I've never been frustrated with its
limitations. (Though if I could have my way, I'd have a supersuper computer that
could run a combined PageMaker/Photoshop/Illustrator.)

I also found PageMaker very intuitive--though I came to it with letterpress

Like I said, I haven't really used Quark, but a graphic designer with whom I
work closely (and who has used both but prefers PageMaker) claims that Quark is
fine for most things--but it almost forces you to think inside the box. If
you're going for more innovative or creative design, PageMaker is a cleaner
slate to start from.

I've also heard her say that printer's tend to prefer PageMaker. However, when I
was checking out the job market, it seemed like most employers preferred Quark.
You might want to check out the want ads where you are.

One other second-hand tidbit: if you learn PageMaker, it's really not hard to
pick up Quark. I'm not sure if the reverse is true.



Shadowplay Press

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