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Fwd: Re: Board Shears

This request came from someone on another list; since I knew y'all had been
corresponding extensively on board shears lately, that you would have some
answers for Sue. Please reply to her at the address below; she will not see
replies sent to this list. Thank you.
>Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 14:53:48 -0500
>From: Sue Dunlap <sdunlap@acs.wooster.edu>
>Subject: Re: Board Shears/Oops!
>To: Anne Lane <alane@rhtc.net>
>Original-recipient: rfc822;alane@rhtc.net
>I have been using a heavy duty paper cutter to cut board, and have
>>developed tendonitis in my shoulder from the force I have to use to
>>cut through binders board.  I know about Jacques board shears and
>>would love to have one, but I need to research other options.  Are
>>there other options out there?  What do the rest of you use?
>Sue Dunlap                                     phone: 330 263 2107
>Preservation Manager                           fax: 330 263 2253
>College of Wooster Libriaries                  email:sdunlap@wooster.acs.edu
>College of Wooster
>Wooster OH 44691-2364

Anne T. Lane, Collections Manager
York County Culture & Heritage Commission
4621 Mount Gallant Road
Rock Hill SC 29732-8666
803-329-2121, ext. 104
Fax 803-329-5249

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