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Letterpress for small edition

Subj:   Letterpress for small edition
Date:   3/26/01 6:16:17 PM Eastern Standard Time

I am looking for an amateur letterpress printer with access to a press who
would consider helping me print two small projects:
    (1) a schooner narrative (fiction) from 1813, about 40,000 characters in
        1.1 I have a version in PDF for sample viewing
    (2) the letters of my great great grandfather recounting the actual event
        2.2 three letters on four sheets in manuscript and transcribed.
    (3) pages from the logs of two Royal Navy ships engaged in 1812 blockade
of the   Delaware river noting the capture the schooner on two occasions.
    3.1 Magnesium plates will be made of the photocopied pages, scanned into
Photoshop and massaged for brightness
    3.2 as many as six plates.
    (4) numerous illustrations from a folio of drawings I have done to
accompany the   story and/or the letters cum logs.
    4.1 numerous=more than 25

I am a rank  novice at letterpress and so far have idea how to locate and
arrange for this project other to contract with eg Firefly or Grenfell;  the
expense is real, I understand the need to pay a fair price for the quality
work these folks do.  Before I do that however, I would like to make an
attempt that involves my own work first.

David Hodgdon
7 Eileen Street
Albany NY 12203
518 492 5184

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