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InDesign vs PageMaker - who wins? (was PM vs Quark)

In a message dated 3/27/01 4:47:31 AM Pacific Standard Time,
andrew.gaspereau@NS.SYMPATICO.CA writes:

> InDesign offers wonderful control of type,

You're the first person I've heard praising InDesign. Is "wonderful control
of type" the only advantage InDesign has over Pagemaker? I've read the Adobe
literature and their website and it is still entirely unclear to me what
InDesign brings to the party. It may be a wonderful program but the Adobe
marketing effort, so far, has been one of the worst I've ever seen.   I  find
it odd that there isn't a feature list or something that explains exactly
what this rather expensive program does.  At best, it seems to be a sideways
upgrade to a program entirely written by Adobe instead of the "not invented
here" Pagemaker.

DT Fletcher

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