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What's "Fine Press"

Carolyn Kuebler's article "The Art of the Book," in the March 5, 2001,
Publisher's Weekly, put me in mind of a question I've been ponderingt.

Is fine press limited to letterpress only?

The article talks about presses working in offset technology but with the
same goals and care as those working in letterpress.  Without access to
letterpress, I am experiementing with screen printing as a way to create
high quality limited edition books.  Would these be considered fine press
work in the fine press world?

For myself, I'm happy with what I create if it meets my standards.  I think
of these questions mostly in regard to entering my work in exhibits that are
designated "fine press".  Would an offset printed book or  screen printed
book be inappropiate in those venues if all other aspects were equal or
better than a similiar letterpress produced book?

I'd love to hear opinions and especially personal experiences in this area.

Artemis BonaDea
North Bound Books
Anchorage, Alaska

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