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Resume wording

I'm currently engaged in the ongoing struggle of keeping my resume up to

I've run into two category questions that I hope someone might have a
creative solution for.

One:  I periodically donate handbound blank journals, photo albums or design
bindings for non-profit auctions.  I have a category for "Permanent
Collections" but I want to also represent my involvement in community
activities.  The best category title I've thought of is "Community
Service/Artistic Donations"

Two:  I created books that were used in a John Sayles movie and I'd like to
highlight that in some way.  I've heard of 3 - 4 other folks who have made
books for movies, CD cover photos, etc

Have you wrestled with these types of categories in your resume or CV?  Any
ideas - serious or funny - would be welcome.

Artemis BonaDea
North Bound Books
Anchorage, Alaska

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