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Better typesetting options

Dear friends,

If some of you are sick and tired of how bad commercial DTP software is
when it comes to HIGH QUALITY typesetting, you should definitely take a
look at Donald Knuth's revolutionary TeX programming language.

Written in the 1960's it is lightyears ahead of anything you can find on
the commercial market and still unsurpassed if you are interested in
outstanding H&J algorithms, as well the finer points of high quality typesetting.

The bad news? Some sweat, since it requires actual mark-up of the text -
but many macro packages and editors are available.

The principal website is: http://www.tug.org

Mats Broberg
Hauptvägen 102
SE-123 58 Farsta — Sweden
Phone & fax: +46 8 604 59 81

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