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Look what I found today - copperplates in book board

Dear List,

Today I was reworking the boards on a French book from the early 18th
century. The leather was a total lost but I am trying to save the boards
because they have a fairly elaborate panel/bezel type design on them. The
edges were hopelessly soft and mushy with lots of gouges so I was going to
trim about 2 - 3 mm off. (The boards seemed overly large for the book itself

So on the first pass of the shear I hear a high pitched squeal! Ouch! On
examination I find a fairly substantial sheet of copper layered into the
board itself. The copper was obviously used for copperplate engraving at one
point as I can see the engraving on it. It is now beyond use for that
because of the paneling/bezeling. Has anyone seen this before? If so was the
metal formed first and then the board pressed down around it? Or was the
whole thing done at once?

Curious in Maine

Kurt K.

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