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Re: InDesign vs PageMaker - who wins? (was PM vs Quark)

Like you say, starting out with an Adobe 1.0 software is a very brave thing
for anyone to attempt.  Adobe has got to be one of worst at producing
we'll-get-it-right-the-next-release software. It seems, nothing they put out
is reasonably close to acceptable for everyday-use until release 3 or 4.

It would be nice to have all the same conventions as Photoshop but that
doesn't sound like it's worth the expense.

Does InDesign support scripts, like Pagemaker?  Although the scripts in
Pagemaker are primative at least they're there and have been a lifesaver on

What is the maximum number of pages?  Pagemaker stopping at 999 bothered me
and has caused problems with some larger mailing lists that I use it for.
The idea of spending the extra (big) bucks for Framemaker bugs me so I've
worked around it.

Have you ever seen a worst marketing campaign for what is supposed to be a
flagship program for a major company?

DT Fletcher

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