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Conference on bookbinding, Ghent, Belgium. May 11, 2001.

The Enbotraine partners are pleased to announce you a European
Bookbinding Conference to be held at Ghent University, the 11th of
May, 2001. This multidisciplinary Conference is organized within the
framework of a European Leonardo pilot project, called Enbotraine.
The Enbotraine project was submitted to the European commission in
1997-1998, approved in 1999 and subsequently launched.

The partners (12 institutions from 4 different countries, Spain,
Germany, France and Belgium) found that the training of this
historical craft seemed to be dropped from the curriculum of many
official Schools and Institutes in Europe. Consequently, how and in
which environment do we expect the bookbinders of the future will be
trained? Furthermore, should the training in book conservation be
preceded by intensive courses covering all aspects of bookbinding or
not? The output of Enbotraine deals with these questions and
consists of results of actions of the working groups. These groups
will present at the Ghent conference position papers of the actual
training situation and how they think it could be enhanced. Most
aspects of bookbinding (design bookbinding, semi-industrial and
industrial bookbinding and book conservation) were included in the
program. Next to the position papers from the co-ordinators of each
working group, international experts will cover the state of the art
of each specific field (bookbinding, education, etc).

A book will be published at the occasion of the conference.
Conservators, restorers, curators, librarians, bookbinders,
students, trainers, decision-makers, etc. are expected at the
conference. Detailed information of this conference is available at
Information and registration forms can be downloaded as pdf.files
and online registration is also provided.

It is hoped that the efforts will keep the network together and that
other institutions will join to offer their expertise to further
enhance the training. At the occasion of the Conference an
exhibition of fine bindings, produced by students of 9 European
schools will also officially be opened (Bibliotheca Wittockiana).
More information can be obtained from

     Josee Van Loon
     Enbotraine project co-ordinator

Josee Van Loon
Fine Binding, Preservation, Conservation
and Restoration of Books, Archives and Art On Paper
Hekers, 2 Zwijnaarde B9052
Gent Belgium
Fax: +32 9 221 33 68

Philobiblon: Book Arts, Different By Design
Hand Binding, Conservation, and Project Websites
Peter D. Verheyen
<Fax: 612.632.3718>

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