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Re: Posts and screws

Ooops, I haven't been reading the list for a while. I don't know if this
information is still useful to you...

The Papertrail stocks aluminum binding posts up to 1.5" long, but we can
also get them up to 6" long, or in brass or plastic.
The only caveat is that for the specially-ordered posts, you have to buy an
entire box (usually 100). If you still need them, you can contact us and we
can give you a specific quote, but as a guideline, the 4" ones come to
around $1.60 (Canadian, approx. US$1.00) each in a pack of 100. We can
*usually* get these immediately, so there is normally no additional delay in
shipping them.
This is, of course, all subject to the whims of *our* supplier!

-Kevin Martin
 the Papertrail

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