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Re: Board Shears

In a message dated 3/29/01 11:43:47 AM, rthurlow@BINGHAMTON.EDU writes:

<< Our preservation
department does not have a board shear, but we do have a very heavy-duty
electric guillotine.. the type of machine you can see them using @
Kinko's to trim up large orders.  I'm not sure if this option would work
for you, but I thought I'd mention it, as it's got built-in safety
features, and only requires the user to press two buttons and operate a
foot pedal. >>

OK, but beware that you will undoubtedly damage the knife blade if you cut
binder board. That's OK if you will only be cutting binder board, but don't
expect to get nice, clean cuts on a textblock or stack of paper. Binder board
can contain bits of metal that will knick the blade.
Bill Minter

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