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Re: Epson Printers & Archival Inks

I'd like to echo Ms Byrom's and Ms. Goldberg's words and sentiments -- inkjet
printer inks (digital prints) finally have delivered on the promise of color

There are several competing manufacturers of these pigmented inks. Jon Cone, a
leader in this field, has just released the ConeTech Color Piezography inks and
accompanying ICC profiles. The profiles allow users to switch between different
papers with consistent color output.

MIS Associates has been selling archival inks for over a year, as has Lysonic,
Luminos, and Ilford. Epson has also released their own set of "permanent" inks.

Cone Tech


Additionally, there is a proliferation of new, specially designed papers for
inkjet printers. These affect the archival and color gamut (saturation and
chromatic range) of the inks too.

Darryl Baird
Mary Byrom wrote:

> Regarding the inks for the Epson - they are pigment-based inksets rather
> than dye-based inks. Its possible they may last 200 years. There is an
> article in the NY Times, Sunday, March 25, 2001, Arts & Leisure, page 39 on
> the inkjet -printers and their effect on the quality of Photographs  "Making
> Each Detail More Real than Real " by Vicki Goldberg.  These printers are
> changing the value of full color photographic prints which previous to this
> technology had a much shorter life span.
> A professional photographer I work with informed me of the abilities of the
> Epson 1270 and higher priced models  -  I just got a 1270 but haven't had a
> chance to try it out yet. For high resolution color images the printer
> drinks up the cartridges - but I heard that you can buy them through PC
> Connection at a lower price.  I don't have a phone # yet but I believe they
> are located at 2870 Old State Rd Rte 73, Wilmington, OH  45177.
> Mary Byrom

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