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Re: Mise en Page

>Hello Book List,
>I am doing some research on a Book called Mise en Page, The theory and
>Practice of Layout.
>Published in 1931 by The Studio Ltd. London. Printed in France, written b=
>A. Tolmer.
>Anybody know anything about it? How many were published? Who worked on it=
>What the English
>French connection was? Who The Studio Ltd. was?

published by the Studio Ltd. London and William Rudge, NY, 1931,  Printed
boards,  4to, unpaginated about 120 pp.  In English with French
transalation by chapters at end.
many diiferent paper stocks and printing processes, tip-ins

chapter 3 pretty much describes the book: "The layout of books at the
present day...is characterized by a respect for convention which amounts to
timidity."  In a burst of un-timidity, the whole is layed out in what can
only be described as expressionist. Though I've often seen this referred to
as the Deco Bible, many of its designs have a fresh contemporay look, few
have the identifiable traits that would make us say ITS DECO!!! An analogy
might be to think of what a flapper might wear and then see a haute couture
gown from that time. This was published 3 years after Tschihold "New
Typography" and certainly owes  much of its freedom to ideas express in it,
albeit in a Gallic manner.

M. Jean Selz-historical research and collaboration in the text
Louis Caillaud--arrangement of pages and photomontages
Charlotte Meyer, MM. Bonnardel, R. Bret-Koch, Mazenod, Moral, Peynet,
Reinoso, Claude Tolmer, Wischnevsky for the preparation of supplements and
printed by A. Tolmer
15, quai Bourbon

Don't know a whole lot about the Studio but is was a very influential
design "magazine" from around 1900 on. they published some very lavish
books, the Yelow book was their flagship. the last book I know with their
imprint?? was a 12mo alphabet book around 1970.

hope this helps

Ignacio Franc=E9s

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