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Continuous refill kits for inkjets

In a message dated 03/30/2001 5:36:36 AM Pacific Standard Time,
skgaylord@MAKINGBOOKS.COM writes:

> Dear Friends
>      I recently saw a continuing inking system for epson printers and was
> very impressed. It looks a little strange but you hook up tubes and feed
> printer from bottles of ink. The cost is much less and the owner was very
> with how it worked. The system is only available for certain models. I was
> impressed enough to consider selling my pretty new Epson 1520 and getting a
printer that can use the system. You can find out more info at
>  A site for archival inks is http://www.inkjetart.com
>  in good spirit
>  Susan

Hi Everyone,

MIS Associates also puts out the continuous ink refill kits, with plastic
They are available for many models of Epson's, as well as other brand Inkjet
printers. I hope they develop one for my Epson 1250 in the near future.

<A HREF="http://www.inksupply.com/">Click here: MIS Associates Inc.</A>

URL: http://www.inksupply.com/

Mary Crest

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