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Re: Epson Printers & Archival Inks

Remember, however, that the ink cartridges for the Epson 1270 have an =
embedded chip. You may not be able to get cartridges from other manufacture=
rs to work.

Randall W. Ober
Librarian Boyce Campus=20
Community College of Allegheny County

>>There are several competing manufacturers of these pigmented inks. Jon =
Cone, a
>>leader in this field, has just released the ConeTech Color Piezography =
inks and
>>accompanying ICC profiles. The profiles allow users to switch between =
>>papers with consistent color output.

>>MIS Associates has been selling archival inks for over a year, as has =
>>Luminos, and Ilford. Epson has also released their own set of "permanent"=

Darryl Baird

The box said:

" needs Windows 95 or better"

So I bought a Mac.

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