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Fw: Zerkall paper

Dear Book Arts List, I sent the following message to the Letpress List, =
but I think I started it on this list....senior moment...Carl
----- Original Message -----=20
From: Montford=20
To: Letpress=20
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2001 6:36 PM
Subject: Zerkall paper

Dear List, My thanks to all the leads I received from the many helpful =
folks. I contacted Legion paper in New York and got a wonderful =
response, however, they are wholesale only but recommended I contact =
some of their distributors, i.e. New York Art supply. Having not =
received the greatest of responses, I tried my own Daniel Smith, but =
their 'special order' prices were excessive. Having a Graphic Chemical =
catalogue, I called them. Bottom line; good service, excellent prices, =
superbly packed.....another bottom line, Zerkall, book, smooth, white, =
takes impressions wonderfully, both type and wood engravings.....now the =
monkey is on my back....print my book or keep quiet!...Carl

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