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Re: Epson Printers & Archival Inks

At 08:36 AM 3/30/01, Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord wrote:
>Dear Friends
>     I recently saw a continuing inking system for epson printers and was very
>impressed. It looks a little strange but you hook up tubes and feed the
>from bottles of ink. The cost is much less and the owner was very pleased with
>how it worked. The system is only available for certain models. I was
>enough to consider selling my pretty new Epson 1520 and getting a printer that
>can use the system. You can find out more info at http://www.nomorecarts.com
>A site for archival inks is http://www.inkjetart.com

I have had distinctly mixed results with my continuous inking system from
inkjetart.  I have tried to get it running on two successive Epson Stylus
Photo 750's.  On the first, I had a paper jam trying to feed thin, japanese
paper, and subsequently got bad blobbing and no more printing.  I chalked
that up to stupidity, and tried with a spare 750.  No joy with that one
either.  Bad blobbing, and nothing I could cure with repeated cleanings.

I'm not sure that both failures weren't my fault, but I am sure that the
system is sensitive to idiots.  I have an 870 which I like very much, but
the ink is expensive, and I would like to do colour plates.  Because of the
new micro chip cartridges, there is no second source ink for this series,
which includes the 1250 and other new printers.  The 750 was wonderful
while it lasted.  Really no complaints with the printer, except that the
ink costs too much, and the continuous inking system is hard to manage.  If
it worked well, it would be unbeatable.

Another minor point:  I have searched for 750's and 1200's on the web, and
have had no luck.  Anybody know of a reliable source of such out-dated
equipment?  I would be reluctant to buy from a private owner, as the
print-heads are prone to drying out and other damage from improper handling
and storage.

I think that someday soon, this will be the most efficient job-printing
system for short run and artist's books, but just at the moment, it is not
trouble free.  I think some of the Canon printers may be a better bet, with
refillable cartridges, and replaceable print heads.

Gavin Stairs

Gavin Stairs
Gavin Stairs Fine Editions
1A - 921 College Street
Toronto, Ontario  M6H 1A1

Gavin Stairs Fine Editions is a small, desktop press specializing in fine,
hand-made books and poetry.

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