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Re: Epson Printers & Archival Inks

Try RefurbDepot.com at

They routinely have older Epson (and other?) printers. At the moment they have a
750 for 149.95 and a 1200 for 249.95. BTW, their web site is a mess on my Mac.

Darryl Baird
Gavin Stairs wrote:

> <SNIP>
> Another minor point:  I have searched for 750's and 1200's on the web, and
> have had no luck.  Anybody know of a reliable source of such out-dated
> equipment?  I would be reluctant to buy from a private owner, as the
> print-heads are prone to drying out and other damage from improper handling
> and storage.
> I think that someday soon, this will be the most efficient job-printing
> system for short run and artist's books, but just at the moment, it is not
> trouble free.  I think some of the Canon printers may be a better bet, with
> refillable cartridges, and replaceable print heads.
> Gavin Stairs

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