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bookbinding related items on eBay

Hi Everyone!

Yes, I've listed yet another (9) items on eBay about bookbinding.  This is by
far the most varied group I have offered: there are keepsake cards with
repros of early book making activities; a book containing facsimile reprints
of POEMS about bookbinding; a book contains three stories pertaining to the
idiosyncrasies of book collecting; back issues of the Binders' Guild
newsletter; posters/prints about the 'sins' of book care, and yes, one lone
little "how to" manual, etc.

If you are interested in looking, you can copy and paste the following

And, by the way, I am happy to say (because many of you have asked in private
e-mail) our house sold in TWO DAYS! (and for more than we were asking!) The
new owner wants occupancy in 30-45 days, so you are likely to see even more
goodies appearing up for auction soon, as I don't want to have to pack them
up and move them 750 miles!


If you have any trouble with the address, you can simply go to www.ebay,
click on "search", then type my e-mail address (karenc5071@aol.com) to search
for all my current auctions.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Best regards, Karen L. Crisalli

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